The #1 obstacle I faced when building new apps was

…knowing what to do next.

You know what is like, that feeling of helplessness overwhelm and just being stuck.

  • Should I use Ionic 3 or Ionic 4?
  • Do I need a back-end?
  • What about Firebase?
  • JS SDK or AngularFire2?
  • Roll my own parse server?
  • How do I authenticate my users?
  • What if I don’t know how to build that feature?
  • Is it possible to do social sign-in?
  • How do I keep my user’s data secure?
  • Any of those sound familiar?

Long hours at your desk combined with reading WAY too many blog posts have left you completely paralyzed…

Everything leads you to that same frustrating question:

How do I apply this to my app?

When Daniel talked to me, he was stuck…

Without Jorge's help, I would not have been able to launch my project. Now, it's live in both app stores and the web!

- Daniel Dallala -- The News In Twos

The thing that has gotten him UN-­STUCK is personalized advice on his exact situation from someone that has been there before.

Since then he was able to launch his app to both stores (iOS and Android) and launch as a PWA

— —

I’ve opened up private coaching sessions via email for a couple of JAVEBRATT members.

Only a couple of people at a time because I wanted to see if 1) it was something I could provide value on and 2) I wanted to see if it was something I even liked.

Well, it turns out that 1) having someone giving you personalized guidance can help you get things done faster and understand better.

And 2) I loved it since I was an actual teacher at a university for over 5 years, I felt the same high I used to feel in the classroom :)

— —

What about you?

Ready to be un-­stuck?

I’m opening up a personalized one-on-one coaching program to help you do just that.

Here is how it works:

  • You book my coaching services.
  • We become email buddies.
  • Whenever you get stuck on something and/or need some advice just shoot me an email.
  • I’ll usually respond within 24 to 48 hours during weekdays (Unless you send me an email on Christmas, yup, that happened).
  • I’m not gonna stop helping you as soon as you use up all your time, but if you need priority support you’ll eventually need to book this package again.
  • I’ll work on all your questions and even review your code when necessary.
  • I won’t write code for your app.

Important: I’m focused on Ionic 4 + Firebase 5 coaching (using AngularFire or the regular JS SDK) so if your needs are different shoot me an email before booking.

I currently only offer support/coaching via email. I have a 7yo son and a 3mo old daugther, so it’s much more efficient for me to sit down and work through all my coaching emails at once.

Besides, organizing Skype calls, live chats, and screen shares, unfortunately, takes up too much time (especially when we all have different time zones).

Coaching Packages

There is only one way of booking my coaching service

The Student Package

This is for you if you’re learning Ionic and Firebase and want help whenever you get stuck in your learning process, you get 3 hours of my time to use whenever you want, some people have spent the 3 hours in one month, others have been with me for 2 months and have only spent 45 to 60 minutes.

You get one full year to spend those hours, and it’s \$499

“But Jorge, don’t you do this for free to your email list?”

Yes, this is what I’ve been doing for the past year to everyone who’s on my email list.

But right now I just don’t have the time to get back to everyone with a detailed answer, so for the past few months all I’ve been able to do is send links to the docs and tell people what kind of things they should be looking for.

I try to be as helpful as I can, so you won’t end up hearing crickets.

I’m only taking a max of 2 people every month since the only way I can provide real value is if I limit the number of people I work with.

First come. First, serve.

This program is NOT for everyone. This is for people who are already building and want to launch their apps for production, if you’re just starting to learn about Ionic there are far cheaper and more practical resources out there, like my book or my free course.

I’m very excited about this. I could make more just making courses and books, but helping other people is a blast and honestly, I learn a ton by helping you through your hurdles.


If I sense you’re going to need more help than what I’m currently able to provide (like if you send me 5 ‘urgent’ emails every day), I will gladly refund your money and politely tell you that we’re not the best fit to work together.

Or if you book my services but before we start you decide to go on a different direction you just need to shoot me an email and I’ll refund you no questions asked.

Where I don’t offer refunds is if by the end of your month you realize you only needed help with a few things, like I said, this service isn’t for everyone, it’s for people who are trying to launch an app and need guidance to get their app to market fast.

Need me to build your app?

I only work with one or two clients per year, where I see I can really make a difference in their projects, you can reach out this way to see if I’m available.

Ready to work with me?

If so, shoot me an email and let me know how I can help you, or if we can personalize the package a bit to fit your needs :)

Thanks to you things are moving much faster and I can see an end in sight. On top of that, I gained the skills needed to manage my app. I would never have made it this far without you.

- Cassondra Reed -- inMyStache