The tools I use to run JAVEBRATT

Every once in a while someone asks me what tools I use to do something related to my blog, so here’s a list of tools I use to keep JAVEBRATT running:


For building the actual blog I use Hugo, it’s a static site generator that lets me write in Markdown and then builds the full site as static HTML, CSS, and some JS.


My site is currently hosted at Netlify, and I love how easy it was to set up, basically I chose a branch of my Github repo and every time I push to it they build and re-deploy my site automatically 😃.


I don’t use Google Analytics, they collect way too much personal information on you, and I do my best to respect your privacy, that’s why I use Fathom Analytics, which is a privacy-focused service.

Also, one of the founders is Paul Jarvis, who wrote one of my favorite books, Company of One.

Email Sending

I send a lot of emails, I have a newsletter with over 7,700 people subscribed to it, the company powering it is called ConvertKit.

ConvertKit is super easy to use and they now have a free plan! You can check them out here.


I take my education seriously, I heavily invest in 3 types of courses/books: programming, freelancing, and business.

For programming I buy courses on specific technologies when I fo¡ind good ones, and I keep an active membership.

Their courses are really short and all are thought by industry professionals that are actually building production apps.

For freelancing (or consulting), I read everything by Brennan Dunn from Double Your Freelancing, he has a free pricing course that should be enough to get you started.

For how to run a product business, you won’t find better advise out there than from Amy Hoy & Alex Hillman, they run Stacking the bricks.

They helped me go from almost losing my apartment to having a system that allows me to take multi-month vacations when something happens (for example, my daughter was born on Jan 2019, I worked a total of 3months that year 😃).

Got any questions or think I missed something?

Let me know!