Firebase Security Rules for Ionic Apps

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Las week we learned about how to take pictures with ionic’s camera plugin and update them to Firebase Storage This week we are going to pick it up where last week’s tutorial ended. We’ll be talking about Firebase Security Rules Remember the table of contents looks something like this: Week 1: Preparation + Auth Week […]

Ionic 2: My First App

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Ionic 2 is on a very stable beta, sure, there are breaking changes when they update, but they are easily fixable. Last week I got a new consulting client that wanted to build his app using Ionic 2 instead of V1 and since I wanted to make the move to Ionic 2 really fast it […]

Firebase Security Rules for Multitenant App

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There are a lot of resources about firebase security rules, but I didn’t really find much about how to setup things for multitenant architecture. I launched a SaaS app a few weeks ago where you get to create a team, and as a team admin you need to create staff members, delete them, and have […]