Tired of going through outdated tutorials?

You’ve been trying to get started building apps with Ionic & Firebase for a while, but everytime you try to google your way out of a problem you end up lost in criptic console errors or outdated tutorials.

You need a guide that helps you build your first app, that takes you every step of the process from ionic start to deploying your app.

And that’s where JS Mobile Dev comes to play, it’s your go-to platform to learn how to use Ionic, Firebase, and Angular to become a mobile developer using JavaScript.

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Leave your email below and we’ll go together through my crash course that will take you from no Firebase knowledge at all to building your first application in under a week 🚀. All for free 😃.

Jorge is the community’s resident Firebase + Ionic expert, let him walk you through how to build your own Firebase application using Ionic Framework.

- Josh Morony -- JoshMorony


Jorge Vergara

Hey — I’m Jorge Vergara - the developer behind JSMobileDev.

For the past 5 years I’ve been focused on building apps with web technologies (such as Angular, Ionic Framework, and NativeScript) and Firebase.

In fact, I’m an Ionic Community Leader, this distinction was awarded to me and 11 other Ionic developers around the world for the expertise and value we’ve given back to the community.

I’m also a Google Developer Expert for Firebase, this title, only awarded to ~32 people in the world, represents the passion I have for community efforts and the expertise I have gathered over the past years.

In my spare time, I enjoy playing Mario Kart with my son, going sightseeing with my wife and I’m determined to try all of the burgers in Colombia.

How often is it updated?

I do my best to keep it up-to-date, every time I hear about Ionic or Firebase updating themselves I check to see if it has breaking changes or not, depending on that it takes me between 3 days and a week to update it. And you get a free update every time :)

Also, each course is marked with the versions of the frameworks it uses, that way you don’t need to wonder if it’s updated or not, you get your answer right away.

Ready to access the courses?

Want to chat? I’m the most active in twitter as @javebratt

I used Jorge's guide to build a sports matching app for a client. Everything is going really well thanks to you! I don't know what I would've done with Firebase without your guide, to be honest!

- Mohamad Tawakol -- Alt Labs Inc.