What do you write in an about page?

Halloween with my son

Seriously, what do you write in an about page? I’ll do my best to keep this page short and give you a few insights on who I am.

I’m Jorge Vergara and I am a software developer specialized in building mobile apps. For the past 4 years, I’ve been focused on building apps with web technologies (such as Angular, Ionic Framework, and NativeScript) and Firebase.

In fact, I’m an Ionic Framework Community Leader and a Google Developer Expert for Firebase.

I’m also the co-organizer of NgColombia: Medellin, one of the biggest tech meetups in Latin America with over 150+ assistants per event, where the group is always helping people improve their development skills.

I worked as a Mobile Developer Lead at Yuxi Global for 18 months with several responsibilities besides programming, those responsibilities vary a lot, and go from actual software development in client projects to training other developers, handling client conversations, recruiting, and supporting our sales team.

I’ve led two major projects, one for a big FinTech company where we built a mobile app for several second-degree banks in LATAM using NativeScript.

And one for one of LATAM biggest airports using Ionic Framework, including features like flight schedules and reserves, airport restaurant integration, etc.

I’ve also been running my own gig here at JAVEBRATT, where I work (mostly) with non-technical entrepreneurs helping them build and launch their MVPs.

During my time running JAVEBRATT I wrote the book Building Firestore Powered Ionic Apps.

I’ve also worked with a few entrepreneurs building their MVPs, the one I’m the proudest of is MrCesar.

The main goal of JAVEBRATT is to help more developers level up their careers, so if you’re struggling with something or need help just let me know, the easiest way to reach me (unless is to debug some code) is via Twitter as @javebratt.

In my spare time, I enjoy playing Mario Kart with my son, going sightseeing with my wife and I’m determined to try all of the burgers in Colombia.

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